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  * df, env, grep, ifconfig, whoami
  * Remove unecessary use of OS command extensions wherever possible
  * Program arguments revised to standards
      - Replaced "ver" with -V
      - Usage now invoked with -h or --help as well as the OS standard (/?)
  * Detect whether stdin is redirected or if usage should be printed
  * NSIS Installer Recreated
  * First gzip release

v 0.2.0 (In Progress)
  * Added: which
  * Updated: (all)
      - cat is now aliased to type (not more)
      - cp, emacs, mv, rm, vi, vim no longer output upon success;
        warns if unable to handle all arguments
      - less now aliased to more (not cat); preliminary STDIN redirection added
  * Removed the obnoxious header

v 0.1.0 April 29, 2003
  * Initial Public release
  * Minor manpage updates
  * Revised emacs, vi, vim, cat, less
  * NSIS Uninstaller added (for those who want clean upgrades :-)

April 2003
  * NSIS Installer added
  * clear, emacs, vim
  * hosting procured

August 2002
  * cat, cp, less, ls, man, mv, rm, vi
  * Windows help formatted manpage project begun