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While technically fairly acurate, the FAQ requires considerable revision. It is maintained as-is for the time being, pending a second release...
Q.Is this project still active?
A.You may have noticed that I haven't uploaded anything in awhile. I was fairly busy shortly after this project started, and with my transition to linux, this project fell by the wayside. However, I have since procured a (new to me) laptop with Windows '95. While I originally intended to install one of the slimmer linux distros on it, I'll leave it as is for awhile and make (at least) another release. I had a second release prepared, but unfortunately much of it was lost. The recreation shouldn't take too long, although the NSIS installer portion will take awhile.

Additionally, I will respond to email though I urge you to make use of the forums and other features such that others may benefit. If you are a knowledgeable windows user and would like to assist maintaining this project, please send me an email.


The prodigal mainter has returned. Consult the news postings (on the index) for more information.

Q.What the heck is linux and why do I need this anyway?
A.Unixes, such as Linux, are not merely operating systems for servers. With the advent of the Desktop Linux Summit, projects such as this one assist users learn to use the linux console. If you've rarely used the windows command prompt (the black window with the C:\ prompt) then you may find this useful to learn unix commands. Granted you're not obligated to transition to linux, but for example, you may acquire a shell account on a unix server while at college. Still not convinced? Send me an email telling me why -- or how it could be improved.

Q.Do I really need this to learn unix? Is it really that effective?
A.In a word: no; yet it does serve to enhance productivity. It's more of a convenience than anything else, though it can help accustom users to the various linux commands relative to their own system's equivalents, making the transition process a little smoother and easier. Granted one of the largest drawbacks is the lack of switches ported. Additionally, only windows releases supporting command expansion can make use of -switches as opposed to the classic windows /switches.

Q.Command foo isn't implemented... can you add it to the next release?
A.Submit a feature request, or if you have the time, a "patch" (just liscense it under the GPL). The 'review process' for considering implementing a command is fairly simple. If I think I can code it, I'll slate it for implementation.

Q.Does this project ascribe to any sort of release schedule?
A.Yes! Releases are uploaded whenever a significant quantity of slated commands are completed (typically a minimum of ~5).


Don't quite know what I had intended -- probably a hopeful consideration that I might actually spend significant time working on the project. Releases will be made ... eventually. Currently this means whenever I find myself using Windows for prolonged periods. Hopefully a release is forthcoming -- but feel free to send me an email if you actually have an interest in the next release (vested or otherwise).

Q.Why hasn't this been ported to bar?
A.If you have access to another operating system and are interested in either porting this project or having it ported, please send an email.


At the time, I was primarily considering Mac, but with the release of OS X this seems fairly irrelevant now. Still, I'm open to archiving ports for other platforms.

Q.Why was the windows release lconsole-0.1.0 named 'Linuxesque Batch Files' in the installer?
A.At the time the name seemed intriguing. Besides, at that point I had already created the LB graphic for the installer and wasn't looking forward to creating another.

Q.Where's the source code?
A.Due to the nature of the release, the source is the scripts themselves, and can be opened in any editor just like a regular ASCII file.

Q.What's with the banner?
A.Originally I had been using a gaudy series of "text-graphics". I fully acknowledge that I'm not a graphics artist, nevertheless the site needs a new design -- including a new banner. While the plain text is perhaps an improvement, it could still use work. And for anyone who was wondering about the colors, those were carried over from the original.